Brand & DIgital

Why Brand

The 21st century global challenges are quite complex, the social sector (non-profits & social enterprises, both) are tackling problems facing communities or regions which require a sustainable pipeline of funding. Organizations cannot anymore look at only programmatic funding or pivot as per the funding. Organizations need to build a “brand” that consistently communicates it work and positive impact. It requires a more long-term and diligent effort to communicate, engage and retain its stakeholder to grow as an organisation. Read about how branding approach in Indian social sector here.
Branding and design goes hand in hand to creatively engage and consistently make the audience remember your organisation or work. It is not just about differentiating oneself but also to be distinct, which is the core of brand building (not branding) and the impact sector needs it as much as the commercial sector leverages it.

Why Digital

Digital is the future, and impact sector needs to build its presence and engage its audience or stakeholders that are spending more time online to digest, react and engage with information. Digital marketing has become a powerful tool that has transformed businesses and can similarly accelerate impact of social businesses and non-profits in India. Read more in our blog about Digital marketing for impact sector in India.

Why Digital Marketing?

  • - Every organisation needs an online presence. It is a necessity to have a well branded and designed website of the organisation’s work and impact.
  • - The website will require SEO and Optimisation to be more accessible.
  • - The website needs to generate quality content regularly for digital marketing and content marketing to build and engage its target audience.
  • - Social media marketing is critical to extend the tools for discovering and engaging your audience externally and direct the traffic to your website.
  • - Organisations need a comprehensive digital strategy that is aligned to the organisation/ project brand and trickle it down across all channels of marketing “consistently”.

Why Brand & Digital

Where many organisations and digital marketers fail in spite of spending time and resources on digital is because digital marketing is a tool, brand and its strategy is the core. Brand strategy and digital marketing needs to be executed together as a strategic tool for marketing.


  • - SEO cannot be a successful exercise if you don’t have a clear brand strategy and its positioning to opitimise keywords.
  • - Content marketing is based on the branded content you want to create. Only a consistent brand building activity can lead to a strategic calendar of content.
  • - Social media marketing cannot be impactful if the brand strategy is not strong enough to lay a “consistent voice” to social media tools.
  • - Digital strategy can only be determined when you know your USP, the positioning and differentiation that defines a brand.