Community of Creative Consultants

Core team

Collaborative Community, a unique format in the Indian creative industry, is made up of core team members who drive the organization, anchor projects and spearhead initiatives. Their profiles reflect the diversity of skills and credible knowledge they bring to this distinctive venture. We have specialists in branding, visual communication, user experience, product, textiles, space, content and film.


The collaborators are creative professionals from diverse backgrounds who work on a part – time basis on projects under Collaborative Community. The collaborators work with core team members to take projects to completion. Every year, Core team members nominate 1 to 3 collaborators to become part of the core team based on the year’s assessment in contribution, commitment to projects and the organization. This allows us to grow organically based on our revenues and expand the team democratically as a community.
We have currently 16 collaborators with diverse skill sets such as film, illustration, social media, content writing, photography, anthropology, architecture & planning, product designer, industrial designer.