Consulting Services

Strategic consulting across categories and training programs


Our hands-on experience in the social sector equips us to undertake strategic consulting covering:

  • - Design
  • - Brand and digital marketing
  • - Sustainable businesses

We have been consulting with social businesses/ enterprises that are sustainability driven such as Ants to support them in strategy, product, design, brand building and marketing for effectively. Sustainability focused businesses are the future, and there is a big market and consumer opportunity to tap with sustainability focused product and services.

We also work on sector specific consulting projects across themes including skill gaps, cultural sector, social enterprise model, sustainability, livelihood, craft & community.
We avoid using the term innovation consulting as we find it an open ended idea and could be adaptive to any design thinking tool to problem solve or re-imagine an idea.

Training programs

With our experience in strategic consulting to execution of projects, we have seen the value of conducting training programs, workshops for teams, organisations across sectors. The training workshops has stemmed from the need to standardize and sustain its effort in specific areas of brand building, communication, content, digital marketing and social media marketing.
These workshops typically are conducted from one day to 5 days format. Unless it is a large scale project of training programs which is customised based on the project brief.
Our main training workshops cover:

  • - Brand building & fund raising
  • - Digital marketing
  • - Brand & digital
  • - Digital, fund raising & marketing
  • - Design thinking & innovation
  • - Building sustainable brand & businesses

Skills program

As shared by many international and Indian organizations, the 21st century skills for youth are problem-solving, lateral thinking and collaboration. These skills need to be integrated not just as a course but also as a way of thinking and leading youth for employment or livelihood opportunities. Our research, strategy, designing of programs consider above mentioned core skills as part of the program. We conduct workshops for teachers, training of teachers that will provide tools to equip them under such training programs.
Our main skills focused programs cover:

  • - Design thinking for youth across sectors
  • - Specific design disciplines (visual, motion graphics, fashion, textiles, etc.)
  • - Craft and artisan skills sector
  • - Brand and digital marketing skills

Ecosystem centric consulting

In an inter-connected world of not just economy (that is global and local in nature) but also politics, society, culture and ecology, system centric approach to solutions is also required. We conduct research, create strategic insights to drive solutions that can re-imagine the system, engage players within an ecosystem that can collaborate to innovate. We look at system design thinking, cross-sector collaboration, inter-connected challenges and solutions.
Example – The impact sector consists of non-profits, funds, incubators, service providers that can collaborate with each other within a city or region. Or incubators and institutions across a country can work together to solve particular challenge or address a need. Impact Bangalore report is one of our work that demonstrates the value of ecosystem driven solutions.

Ecosystem driven research and consulting also helps external players or new entrants to explore and understand a particular system better before they deep drive with a program or project. It helps them navigate, contextualize learning and engage relevant players to drive solution/ outcome. Some of the research in ecosystem areas has been:

  • - City centric sector report
  • - Innovation report on specific sector
  • - Incubator model research
  • - Skills gap research in a sector

Why Ecosystem?