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cultural impact on social sector

Why cultural impact needs to integrate in impact assessment ?

The social sector globally and in India have expanded the current criteria and assessment of…

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social enterprises india

Why social enterprises in India need to build powerful brands like startups?

Professionals working in the social sector understand the various categories of organisations among non-profits, NGOs…

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fundraising for nonprofits

Why digital marketing is critical for fund-raising and growth of non-profits in India?

Digital is the future as clearly recognised by everyone, yet non-profits, NGOs and social sector…

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digital strategy for nonprofits in india

Why digital strategy is critical for non-profits/ social sector in India?

Digital technologies transform how non-profits connect with clients and create value with their stakeholders. Digital…

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branding for nonprofits india

Why brand strategy is critical for Indian non-profits / social sector?

We have shared insights and approach to why brand building is critical and how to…

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brand building for NGO india

How non-profits can build a brand in India?

The next logical challenge for many non-profits in India is how to build a great…

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cooperatives in India

Cooperatives & Start-ups in India: Collaboration for a “unicorn” opportunity?

I have been fairly involved in the social sector and the commercial industry where there…

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designing for billion population

Designing for billion population market? Think in context

  There was much talk within the impact sector and beyond about designing products and…

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Has branding for social sector in India come of age?

  The simple answer would be little of “yes” and more of “no” from a…