RRDA: Lambaani Craft

Craft, Livelihood program, Design workshop, Textiles, Product design & training

RRDA Hosadurga that works with various cooperatives in the region engaged us to conduct workshops and support the craft cluster to design sixty lifestyle products that showcased the traditional craft of the Lambaani artisans yet make them suitable for the current market trends. It was important to create a strong identity for this craft group as they were starting new and had strong competitors such as Sabala & Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra in the region, both dealt with same craft techniques.

The target market for sales and income were upcoming exhibitions & events in metro cities during the calendar year where their products will be marketed. Thus the products developed had to be well designed, well finished, small sized products, affordable and have a wide range of offering at events. After discussion with artisans about products, we decided to do a range of bags, cushion covers & stoles. We additionally conducted a 10 day workshop with the artisans during which they developed prototypes of all the designs developed and understood basic about product design and planning new merchandise. We also had a small costing workshop with the group and suggested ways of how they could organize the group.

With the success of this project, we additionally conceptualized and executed 2 new projects with RRDA during 2014 and 2015.

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    Product, Workshop
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    Rural Resources Development Association (RRDA), Hosadurga, Karnataka

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