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We conduct 1 – 3 days intensive workshop for non-profits, NGOs, social enterprises and institutions to equip them with brand and digital skills for a more sustainable growth of their organisations. Our approach to these workshops are based on design thinking tools and adult learning methodologies to make the learning more immersive.


Digital presence is not just a value add but a critical need for non-profits to take up as they look at engaging their target community, stakeholders and funders. The majority of this target audience can be reached and engaged through internet and social media. Non-profits need to leverage power of branding with strong story telling abilities and push the content across digital channels. Digital marketing with brand building is not just a short-term fund-raising opportunity but building long term engagement with their stakeholders, create a pipeline of funding and an online documentation of their impact.


We have been conducting workshops for organisations across sectors, for funders that have a portfolio of investees and various institutions.

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