CCS & NISA: Boondein

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Centre for Civil Society (CCS) & National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) wanted to create a unique coffee table book about the success of low income private schools across India. NISA wanted to give readers a holistic context, understanding and stories of success of how low income schools have been imparting quality education and sustain the operations with an entrepreneurial spirit. The book required to have an overall concept for the book, a creative visual flow across stories, the content/ story of each school needs to be well structured, easily comprehensible and a strong narrative to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

The book was conceptualized with multiple stories of four main stakeholders involved: students, teachers, school owners/ principals and student’s parents. The stories captured the challenges, opportunities, the lows and high of the stakeholders in the journey of making budget private schools an important contributor to overall education ecosystem which was recently undermined as a follow up of school’s adherence to regulations mandated by the Right to Education Act 2009.

The photography, stories and minimal design approach to the book made this project a success and we called the book, “Boondein” (drops) as these stories are like drops contributing to the larger ocean of education.


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