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Ants was a craft organisation offering designer lifestyle product range through domestic retail and exports to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for North-East communities in India. Since 2008, Ants Craft has provided livelihoods to over 4,000 artisans in North East of India, conducted design and skills training programs with over 2000 artisans in India. Ants wanted to undergo a strategic and business shift to focus on retail led business creating more sustainable livelihood model for artisans in India and the North-east community specifically. We led a strategic consulting over two quarters to first develop a business strategy aligned to rebranding and positioning of Ants in a lifestyle market in India.

Ants is now repositioned as a lifestyle brand that combines global trends and craft from north-east India offering its customers a contemporary lifestyle range. We translated the new brand strategy across channels of marketing in digital, offline, PR and content. We aligned the new product strategy, product/ design direction, PR strategy, retail strategy and experience based on our target customers and lifestyle market.

We continue our consulting and training with the leadership team of Ants to execute the strategic shift in business across functions and remain their brand custodian.

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